Early voting wait times improve

COLUMBUS, Ga- So far, more than 5,300 Muscogee County voters have cast early ballots. However, early voting didn’t kick off without frustrations this week. Some voters complained of long wait times at the Citizen’s Service Center.

Thursday afternoon, voters were packing the Citizens Service Center.  However, most of them expressed gratitude at the opportunity to early vote.

“And it’s such a volatile election this year, with Trump saying that he could contest the vote,” reflects voter Nicole Boner.

Perhaps it’s the passion of Wednesday’s final presidential debate or whether it’s the hot topics such as thawing the freeze, but Muscogee County voters are making sure they don’t miss their chance to early vote.

“Whether you vote for Trump or you vote for Hillary, or you chose a third party, it’s extremely important to have this opportunity to come out and vote,” says Nicole Boner.

That’s why Nicole Boner says she didn’t mind waiting in line to cast her early ballot—and she’s not alone in her opinion.

“It was very short. The line was very long, but the wait was very short, and we met some interesting people, too. People 90 years old are out here voting,” says Columbus and Lena Merriweather.

94 year old Beatrice Spencer is one of those people. She says the wait didn’t seem like much and says being here was important to her.

“I’ve been doing it ever since they started black folks voting here. For 94 years, I’ve been voting every time it said vote,” says Beatrice Spencer.

In fact, no one informally polled by News 3 in Thursday afternoon’s line complained about the wait.

Supervisor of Elections Nancy Boren’s office has received some complaints about long lines. She has some advice for shorter wait times.

“It appears five pm to seven is the best time for you to come, you can walk straight in, cast your ballot, and be out in about ten minutes,” says Nancy Boren, Executive Director of Muscogee County Elections and Registration.

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