Bono’s One Campaign visits LaGrange College

LAGRANGE, Ga – A traveling election caravan co-founded by U2 lead singer Bono made a stop on the LaGrange College campus Thursday. The mission of the group is to raise awareness about poverty in Africa. By raising awareness of Africa’s fight against  AIDS, hunger, the One Campaign hopes young voters gain an appreciation for international politics.

“This younger generation really cares about the world around them, so their families, their communities, but also their global community, too, and that’s what we hear as we go all around the U.S.,” says Claire Hazelgrove, Campaign Director One ’16.

The one campaign offered a virtual experience of poverty in Africa. Freshman Rasheed Smith says it definitely had an impact on him.

“Seeing exactly what the people were going through, what the people were going through, what the females were going through, the different diseases and how exposed they are to it, it just opened my eyes to see what’s outside of what I live in,” says Rasheed Smith.

“We don’t see as much extreme poverty here, where we are at LaGrange College, and so, I think, yet again, it’s another reminder, and I need just as much a reminder as anyone else,” says Dr. John Tures, Professor of Political Science at LaGrange College.

With the US facing so many of the same problems, why did One make Africa the focus of its relief efforts?

“There are amazing organizations here in the US who work specifically on poverty here, and I definitely support those organizations, but there are people who live across the world who  need help and don’t have help in their communities,” says Maggie Bridges, of the One Vote Campaign.

Students who stopped by filled out ballots, but it wasn’t to choose a favored candidate. It, instead, was to let candidates know which issues mattered most to them.

Those ballots will be forwarded to presidential and local congressional candidates.

For more information on the One Campaign, please click here.

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