Lee County Sheriff’s Office recommends passing on clown costumes this Halloween

LEE COUNTY, Ala.- Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones says that this year may not be a good one to dress up as a clown for Halloween.

Sheriff Jones said the current environment in the aftermath of recent clown incidents is the reason for the recommendation to choose another costume option.


Sheriff Jones said it all stems from a safety issue. They want to ensure the safety of all of those taking part in Halloween. Back in September, a 16 year old Beauregard High School student made threats over social media using the name “Kaleb Klown.” The student was arrested for her actions. Sheriff Jones said they will not take any threats to anyone lightly, adding that he hopes it serves as a message to think it is just a joke.

“If it has a hint of any threat to the public, we can’t afford to take it lightly,” Sheriff Jones said. “We have to do everything we can to ensure that we’re being diligent, ensuring that we get to the bottom of it to determine if it is a threat or not. If it is determined that it disrupts normal activities, then it will result in criminal charges.”

A costume store in Auburn said their clown merchandise is selling at the normal rate it has been in previous years.

Sheriff Jones recommended that people participating in Halloween are aware of the traffic, wear reflective clothing, wear costumes that are not too loose so they don’t get caught on objects, parents stay with their kids at all times and to always inspect any candy given to kids.

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