GA Brownfield Association heading to Columbus

COLUMBUS, Ga. – The Georgia Brownfield Association is looking to identify brownfields in the Chattahoochee Valley area and clean them up to turn into usable city land.   Brownfields are places that are dangerous for the environment or could be dangerous for the environment.

They are typically sites like former gas stations, dry cleaners and auto repair businesses.  Jim Livingston with the River Valley Regional Commission says being able to redevelop the brownfield properties is critical for Columbus and the surrounding areas.

“If we can get these properties back and being used in a way that is environmentally sound and economically productive, that’s a win-win,” Livingston said.

Brownsfield areas in Columbus include City Mills, Chase Homes, Bibb City Mill, Bibb City Elementary School, and several areas in South Columbus.

The Georgia Brownfield Association already has two chapters in the state.  They are working to bring a third chapter to Columbus.

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