Campaign 2016: Absentee Ballot Voting Tips

CAMPAIGN 2016: According to KEF Media, a public relations company, one of the main reasons people opt not to vote- is because they are forced to travel on election day.

If you are one of those people you may want to consider using absentee ballot voting.

According to Jeanette James, the qualifying officer of elections and registration in Columbus-

As long as a person is registered to vote in the state of Georgia they can receive an absentee ballot and have a ballot sent to them where ever they


James says from there, you can either mail, fax, email, (as an attachment), or present the form in person to your local county board of registrar’s office.

Dr. Fred Gordon of the political science department at Columbus State is weighing in on how critical it is to make your vote count during this presidential election.

“Obviously there’s a lot at stake in particular in terms of what direction so it’s really important that they go out and get their vote and express decision on which candidate they want to select, says Gordon.

For those who don’t know  the presidential election is November 8th.

Early voting in Georgia will begin this coming Monday morning at the Citizens Service Center.

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