Pumpkin sales soar in the Valley

HARRIS COUNTY, Ga. — For the month of October, orange brings in the green. From lattes to Jack-O-Lanterns , pumpkins are in high demand.

Oakhurst Farm in Harris County has been selling a lot of pumpkins. Pumpkins are not one of Georgia’s major crops. But Oakhurst has a pumpkin patch and corn maze in a family atmosphere designed to teach visitors how crops grow—and about the importance of planning—particularly when it comes to pumpkins.

“This operation starts back in July. You generally plant them back in July, so it’s not just an October thing. Obviously, this year, with the drought, it’s been a tough year. There’s nothing like coming out and  picking a pumpkin off the vine. People just love to see how they grow instead of just going to a store and picking them off the shelf,” says Morgan Marlowe, of Oakhurst Farm.

In addition to pumpkins, Oakhurst Farm grows corn, cotton, peanuts, and sunflowers.

The farm has a small and large corn maze. The largest one covers four and a half acres.

For more information, including the hours of the of the farm’s pumpkin patch and corn maze, check out the Oakhurst Farm Facebook page, by clicking this link.


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