Parking garage in Uptown will soon be free

COLUMBUS, Ga. – On Tuesday all seven city council members voted to dissolve the $2 parking fee at the RiverCenter parking garage in Uptown Columbus.

The 24 hour RiverCenter parking garage is located in the heart of Uptown Columbus.

There are 685 parking spaces and hundreds of people use the garage on a daily basis.

Although it originally cost two dollars to park, it was an inconvenience to many people because they only accept cash.

Some have complained parking is usually free in Uptown.

Now that the parking is free, Uptown believes this will bring more foot traffic into the restaurants and stores.

Although the city will take a financial loss because parking is free, they end up making the money back from the amount of customers that will be more attracted to the uptown area.

Uptown Columbus Inc. wants to personally thank City Council Members and the City of Columbus for dissolving the fee. They believe this was a great decision because it removes the perceived barriers of lack of parking in Uptown Columbus.

As of now the $2 parking fee is still in effect and the city is still discussing the date when they will remove the fee.

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