New Verizon cell tower complaints

PHENIX CITY, Al. – A family upset about a Verizon cell tower being installed near their homes- is weighing in today.

We’ve been closely following this story for weeks now.

It’s been just one day since Verizon came out to survey the cell tower area to follow up on the family’s complaints.

Remember, Verizon first went to the Phenix City area last April, to make the install.

Barney Baker says he’s upset because in order to do so they cleared all of the trees that sit uphill from his home.

From there, Verizon put a silver fence in place blocking rainwater.

The pressure from the water rolling down hill has caused some of the house to be damaged.

Baker’s cousin is weighing in this morning.

She lives closest to the cell tower.

She has quite the message for Verizon this morning.

“Nobody should be treated like that. I don’t care what other people do on their property but when it starts destroying other people’s property? and then you don’t care? Shame on you. That’s all I got to say about that”says Sheree Grimes.

Remember earlier Wednesday morning, Baker said the Verizon reps who showed up yesterday,  didn’t even speak a word to them.

He says he was expecting at least an update on the worn silver fence.

Remember, both Baker and Grimes don’t want any money.

They just want to know that their areas will be better taken care of.

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