WOW! officially rolls out GIG Internet service in Auburn

AUBURN, Ala.- With WOW! officially offering Gigabit Internet service, Auburn can now be known as a Gig City.

WOW! rolled out one Gigabit Internet service in both Auburn and Huntsville. Residential customers can take advantage of the service for $70 a month with a two-year term agreement, which can be bundled with existing WOW cable and phone services.

Thanks to the one Gigabit per second speeds, users can download movies, songs, and shows in seconds, as well as streaming high definition video with minimal to no delay.

The Internet, cable and phone provider already offers 600 mbps of Internet in Auburn, but they add that having the Gigabit of Internet, customers are now able to have the fastest Internet speeds at their fingertips.

Auburn students like Sarah Allen are excited about this service being available.

“I can download my homework a lot quicker and get that done,” Allen said. “When you have deadlines, it is really important that you get it done quickly, and if you’re in a rush you need to be downloading stuff a lot faster and get the work done and get it in so you do not get penalized for it.”


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