Homemade greeting cards from the heart

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Words of encouragement coming at just the right time can truly be a blessing.

The story of a Columbus woman who touches people with a timely message contained in uniquely designed greeting cards.

Judy Talley loves this part of her house. It’s where her creative genius is allowed to express itself. Judy makes greeting cards and not just your run of the mill kind. Hers are uniquely designed in detail for a specific person.

“A lot of times it starts with Sunday School, and I might hear during the praise and prayer request session someone who I know or I have even just a slight relationship with. I really don’t even have to know them. But it touches me in some way, so I write that down and when I get home then I come up with what I want to do,” says Judy.

Judy started developing her artistic ability in high school.

“I took art, four years of art in high school. I was the only girl in my mechanical drawing class back then,” says Judy.

Judy’s Bible reveals how talented she is. She uses colored pencils to draw artwork that corresponds with certain passages of scripture. A picture is drawn on the page that includes the 31st Chapter of Proverbs and describes a virtuous woman. Judy says she comes by art honestly.

“It started back with my grandmother who painted in watercolor. My mom went went to Julliard so she had a music voice. My sisters, brother and I are all artistic in some fashion. So I would say it’s hereditary,” says Judy.

Intricate design is one of the hallmarks of many of Judy’s cards. Her work is so good it has been featured in several greeting card publications. But Judy isn’t doing this for the publicity. She believes her efforts are part of a higher calling.

“During the creative process or while I’m writing out the card, then I pray for the person because this is my ministry,” says Judy.

Delivering unexpected words of encouragement and blessing is a good way to describe what Judy does.

“It gives me the opportunity to brighten someone’s day, to let someone know that I’m thinking about them, that I’m praying for them,” says Judy.

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