Efforts to save our nation from going off the grid

HARRIS COUNTY, Ga.- One organization is working to convince city and state officials to prepare for what’s called an Electromagnetic Pulse Threat.

Dr. Earl Cheal is a member of the Electric Grid Group.

He says, reports of North Korea working on weapons including bombs, has gotten him and his organization on edge.

Cheal says he’s researched the impact of what a weapon of that magnitude could do to our nation.

He says, using updated weapons like the ones that were used back in 1945 in Hiroshima, could possibly wipe out the U.S.

He says, it could also cause us to be completely thrown off the grid for at least a year.

He breaks down the severe effects using a commonly used item: toilet paper.

“Well if you stop and think about it, toilet paper has to be manufactured. It has to be set to the location then you use it. Well if you think about that, we would not have any manufacturing, we would not have any transportation and you would be without that one item.” says Dr. Cheal.

He says that would be just one of the many things that we would be forced to go without.

Cheal says often times his organization (Electric Grid Group),  is also referred to as the word egg.

He says the reaction to the threat, would be just that sensitive.

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