Local organization pushes veterans to cycle

COLUMBUS, Ga.- Project Hero and Ride 2 Recovery are engaging with local veterans by pushing them to cycle .

Regional Manager Nathan Dewalt believes cycling gives veterans a new hope.

“As we’re going through that transition from active duty to the civilian life and I think part of us is lost and this kind of brings that back again. This engaging the local veterans to participate in opportunities with one another,” said Dewalt.

Felipe Chuab, a Project Hero Representative and a veteran, says cycling has changed every aspect of his life.

Chaub said, “Helping us being able to cope with physical elements, mental elements, just meeting new people, going to new places.”

Chuab says customizing bikes to fit veterans with disabilities’ needs can cost thousands of dollars.

“Specifically specialized for veterans that may be missing a limb or blind and we have regular bikes for regular folks also. Some of the special bikes can be very pricey,” said Chaub.

Whether it’s bike parts, helmets, or bike accessories, Project Hero is grinding their gears to help veterans all over the valley.

Dewalt said, “Every dollar that is donated to ride to recovery comes back directly to the veteran. And that’s huge.”



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