Columbus State University reacts to second presidential debate

COLUMBUS, Ga –  “I thought it was definitely interesting,” says college student Alex Carden, referring to Sunday night’s second presidential debate.

Alex Carden was among the millions watching the second presidential debate, but he says he is still undecided who will earn his vote.

“I think we should still wait to see a little bit more about what each candidate has to bring,” says Carden.

Dr. Fred Gordon, of Columbus State University, feels the candidate last night needed more focus on their platforms.

“And again, I wish it would be more of a focus on policy, on substance, than just simply character denigration,” says Dr. Gordon.

Younger voters at Columbus State University, many of whom are voting for the first time in the upcoming presidential election, say they want to hear about the candidates’ stance on issues, not negativity and name-calling.

Jeremiah Brown is a freshman who has made his presidential choice. Already, he sees politics is a dirty business.

“Now-a-days, with politics, there’s no love. It’s just either, ‘you’re with me, or I don’t want to hear.’ There’s never any love behind it,” says Brown.

Professor Gordon offers both Clinton and Trump the same advice heading into the next debate.

“To tell truth, and always be up front with American people, recognize that sometimes people make mistakes, and recognize, that, obviously, they are willing to listen,” says Dr. Gordon.

As Professor Gordon puts it, the candidates should practice leadership through listening.

Professor Gordon adds that each candidate spent time talking about the American trade deficit. But he says that issue is greater than any one administration—dating back to the 1970’s—when America began importing more products than it exported.

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