Man With Local Ties Weathers Storm in Haiti, Wife & Daughter in Jacksonville

A man with local ties serving as a missionary in Haiti talks to News 3 exclusively about surviving Hurricane Matthew.
The death toll in Haiti has dramatically risen to at least 300.
this is video from LaGrange native Matt Bush – he shared this video on social media as he weathered the storm.
He and his wife and daughter have been in Haiti building an orphanage with non profit group All Things New.
We face timed with him earlier – just as internet started back working in Haiti.
He says he is so thankful he survived the storm but there is a lot of damage throughout the area.
David Bush with All Things New remembers how he and the kids weathered the storm, “It was pretty bad, there were a lot of trees down. There are a lot of fences down and houses without roofs. The closest city to us – it was severely flooded – kneed to waist deep water pretty much everywhere.”
Bush says in anticipation of Matthew – he had his wife and daughter fly back home to Jacksonville – and that’s where the storm is now.
He also adds to really help Haiti in the recovery he suggests donating to trusted organization where most of the money goes to recovery.
To learn more about the All Things New Orphanage, go to their website at
According to Bush – there are some great non-profits in Haiti that you can donate to that will help in the cleanup efforts in Haiti.
Visit his website for more information at



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