News 3 Exclusive Follow Up: Verizon responds to man’s cell tower complaints

PHENIX CITY, Al.- Remember Barney Baker says he’s concerned about the process it took to put a cell tower in place.

We’re learning he’s been contacted by Verizon when it comes to finding a solution.

Baker says contractors with Verizon came out to 43rd street last April and removed the trees that were uphill from his home.

Verizon did so in an effort to install the cell tower that’s centered around the controversy.

Baker say the trees that were uphill used to stop a lot of the rainwater from applying pressure on his home.

Verizon contractors put a silver fence in place in an effort to stop most of the rainwater, but they’ve not been back to maintain it.

Parts of baker’s home have gotten damaged.

Baker says a Verizon representative called and said there were plans in place to fix the silver fence issue.

He says he wishes he could’ve heard something more concrete.

He says that would’ve made him feel more confident about Verizon’s plans.

“Used to be you could give your word to a person and it was good as gold but now it’s not. How can I run over this person? I’ll tell them I’ll do this, I’ll do that. But how many dollars can I make by not doing it?” says Baker.

Another update this Thursday morning.

News 3’s Ashley Garrett spoke to Baker moments before the show.

Baker says Verizon representatives are actually set to come out to his home this coming Tuesday morning to survey his area.

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