Man beats depression medication with meditation

COLUMBUS, Ga — In recent decades, research shows depression and the use of antidepressants has skyrocketed. It is something Columbus native Ben Link knows all too well.

However, he says he now lives his life medication free thanks to the mental peace he achieves through meditation. He says years ago he was able to stop taking his depression meds when he discovered the ancient mindfulness practice.

Link says trading in his medication for meditation changed his life. However, he says it was not just an internal change.

“You can ask my wife at the time…we weren’t even together, but I came home and she knew something was different and that’s what I can say about any person who meditates. If they meditate long enough daily other people will notice,” says Link.

You do not have to be gifted or talented to start meditating you just need discipline and commitment. Link says on a daily basis you can find him practicing about 40 minutes a day. He breaks it up into two 20 minute sessions.

However, it doesn’t stop here for Link. The changed man is on a mission to share his discovery with others in our community. He holds about one meditation class per month.

Link tells News 3 he is holding one of his classes Saturday, October 8 at River Flow Yoga and Wellness located off River Road.

If time or money are keeping you from learning the practice of meditation there is still hope. Link says there are plenty of free meditation guides available on the Internet or free meditation apps you can download on your smart phone.

Also, WRBL will dig deeper into this story in November. In a special report, News 3’s Kristina Privette will tell the stories of other people in our community with similar life changing experiences.

She plans to talk to medical professionals about the science behind meditation. News 3 will also provide a web exclusive meditation basics video.

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