Local churches open their doors to evacuees

COLUMBUS, Ga.- Here in the valley churches are preparing to open their doors to evacuees.

Voluntary organizations active in disaster, or VOAD, was created to help other organizations during emergencies.

Jennell Menefee, the President of the Chattahoochee Valley VOAD, says we must be prepared for the unexpected.

Menefee said, “If there was ever a natural disaster that was so massive that the local emergency management agencies could not properly handle it and they needed community support.”

VOAD is partnering with faith based organizations to help house evacuees.

“There are over 600 churches in the Columbus community and there is not that many other various faith based organizations, “said Menefee.

I spoke with Reggie Williams, the Pastor of South Columbus United Methodist Church and he says they’re ready to open their doors.

Williams said, “Doing what the Lord tells us to do and it is incumbent upon us to show compassion for people in need.”

Cecil Haywood, a Trustee at the church, says they also have a food bank for the evacuees.

“In case there is a natural disasters we have to be able to provide for the people that are here so they can at least have a little bit of food once they leave here,” saod Haywood.

Menefee says this church is one of many in the valley ready to open their doors to those in need.

“It’s a terrible thing to be an American without food and sometimes the natural disasters can turn a beautiful community into a third world community in the blink of an eye,” said Menefee.

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