Community discusses redevelopment projects

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Folks in South Columbus met with city leaders Thursday night to discuss concerns and ongoing projects in their area.  Delores Wilson lives in South Columbus.

“It’s very important about my neighborhood and my community as being an overseer missionary.  I’m very much concerned about the community and the area in which I live in,” she said.

Bray Streeter is the pastor of Gethsemane Baptist Church where the meeting was held.  He feels the meeting was positive.

“Pastoring in this community, one concern we have is that we don’t have enough recreational activities for our kids leaving them subject to participate in things that are not feasible for them,” Rev. Streeter said.

Councilor Bruce Huff says they are working on major projects in South Columbus.

“Redevelopment to the point of blighted homes.  Areas that should be cleaned up and out and redeveloped as far as new homes in the area.  Recreation for the kids in the area,” he said.

Wilson says crime is her main concern in the community.

“In Columbus there are a lot of crimes, but I came out today to listen to all the councilmens and the city manager and I think they’re doing a very excellent job and the police department,” Wilson explained.

Department heads from the Columbus Consolidated Government gave updates on a variety of projects at the meeting.

These meetings with the community and community leaders are held monthly.  The next meeting will be November 10th at Martin Luther King Elementary.  It starts at 6 p.m.



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