National Fire Prevention Month: Tips to Keep You Safe

October is National Fire Prevention Month.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, a house fire happens every 24 seconds on average in the U.S.

The Columbus Fire Marshal is weighing in on ways to keep you safe.

According to Ricky Shores, it’s important to have at least on working smoke detector in your home.

He even encourages folks to have one in every room if possible.

Shores says to make sure at least one of the detectors are placed near the bedroom.

“He says in the event of a fire the first thing you need to do- is to get out of the home.

This is because it takes no time for a fire to grow.

“Practice exit drills in the home. Particularly, if you have children make sure they know multiple ways out. We recommend that you have at least two egress pathways to get out of your home and make sure that we don’t put furniture in that egress pathway,” says Shores.

For those who don’t know, an egress pathway is another term for a clear pathway.

Shores says, sometimes people have just seconds to get out of their homes before things can take a turn for the worse.

Among other things, he says it’s important to consider how fast smoke inhalation can affect your thought process in tense situations like a house fire.

He says often times, taking in too much smoke can cause a lack of oxygen to the brain, which could impair your thinking- and could cause you to make deadly decisions.

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