Fiction Addiction Cafe opens at Blackmon Road Middle School

COLUMBUS, Ga- A Muscogee County School has developed a unique way to appeal to young readers and make their midday extra special.  Blackmon Road Middle School unveiled an exciting new program that mixes the library and lunch.

It’s truly a feast that nourishes both the stomach and the mind, as Blackmon Road Middle School gets ready to kick off its first ever Fiction Addiction Café.

The patrons were ready for the grand opening. They brought lunches and their favorite reading materials.

“But it’s hard to get a quiet, uninterrupted time to read. So this is just a little 25-minute quiet time, in the middle of their day. They can get into their book and forget where they are, and get into their book and read,” said Susan Hudnall, media specialist at Blackmon Road Middle School.

The Fiction Addiction Café is where they can do just that. It won’t be an every day dining experience here at Blackmon Road Middle School; however, it’s something Ms. Hudnall hopes to offer whenever she can.

“Reading is something you just carry through the rest of your life, no matter how old you are. And it’s a place, a way to travel when you don’t need a ticket. Anything you want to learn, you can learn in a book,” said Ms. Hudnall.

Reservations were taken for today’s grand opening, and they were filled before school started this morning.

All 40 spots were filled yesterday. If the response so far is any indication, this endeavor gets an “A+”

There’s no set schedule for the Fiction Addiction Café. But Ms. Hudnall says she would like to do it once a month, if possible. She says teachers are also invited to participate.

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