CSU students react to election

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are preparing for their next debate on the heels of Tuesday night’s vice presidential debate.

“At this point still I don’t know who I would vote for,” said Columbus State University student Anita Graham.

Graham is not alone in her uncertainty about which presidential candidate to vote for, but she is one of the few CSU students willing to discuss it openly.

“There are plenty of things that people will say to get into office and then it won’t happen and I think that’s a major contender,” she said.

She will be watching the next presidential debate closely.

“My parents are white and I’m adopted.  I’m from South America.  There’s different levels I think.  There’s different things that I’m looking for.  I guess I would just want honesty,” Graham explained.

CSU student Patrick Powers is a Libertarian and says he isn’t particularly excited about the Libertarian presidential candidate.

“Gary Johnson got the nomination and Libertarians are about as happy as that as Republicans are about Trump or Democrats are about Hillary so, at this point, I’ll probably end up still voting for Johnson, but I’m not exactly thrilled about that,” Powers said.

“Pence for President” and “Kaine for President” hashtags have been circulating on Twitter.

“I still think it’s a pretty bum deal,” Powers said.

“I think we definitely need to switch something up as things go along further.  There’s been plenty of hashtags this whole election.  Very social media oriented,” Graham said.

According to CBS News, Republican VP nominee Mike Pence grabbed a higher percentage of Twitter and Facebook conversations, but Google trends show more uses searched for Democratic VP nominee Tim Kaine.

The second presidential debate will be this Sunday at 9:00 p.m.  It will be at Washington University in Saint Louis.


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