Columbus State University patents response training tool

COLUMBUS, Ga- Police, emergency workers, and military personnel all have to make quick choices. Training for those life-or-death moments is key to their well-being and the safety of countless others. Newly-patented computer software at Columbus State University is designed to train those who make split-second decisions.  That software is also the first patent for Columbus State University.

Police-involved shootings dominate the headlines. Our troops are constantly in peril as they battle terrorists. It’s training that can mean the difference between life and death . . . and now great minds in the Chattahoochee Valley have developed a tool that can empower them even more.

It’s called the Cognitive Map-Based Tactile Decision Support System, and it was developed by a group of researchers right here at Columbus State University. In short, it helps decision-makers who work in high stress jobs such as in the Army on the battlefield or police commanders who make life-saving decisions, quick on their feet.

“This particular system was developed for training junior military officers who have to decide upon a course of action in a battlefield scenario,” said Dr. Shamim Khan, professor of computer science at Columbus State University.

But the program is able to be customized for any type of emergency scenarios that involve tactical skills– law enforcement, homeland security, and emergency responders.

“If somebody wants to use it, then we need to develop models for them based on the types of situations people are likely to face in that area,” said Dr. Khan.

Professor Khan adds computer simulations also save organizations money compared to staging traditional drills. Researchers at CSU began work on the software in 2011 after receiving a grant from the Department of Defense.

For more information on the Cognitive Map-Based Tactile Decision Support System program, you can contact Columbus State University at (706) 507-8170.

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