Carmike Wynnsong 14 cinema to sell beer and wine

AUBURN, Ala.- Soon, moviegoers to the Carmike Wynnsong 14 on East University Drive in Auburn will be able to enjoy a beer or wine while watching the film.

Tuesday night, Auburn City Council approved beer and wine retail licenses for the theater. This makes the theater the second Carmike cinema in the state to serve alcohol to its patrons. The Carmike in Montgomery has served alcohol for the past two years.


Once staff is trained, folks of legal drinking age will be able to go to a certain concession stand at the theater and purchase one cup of beer or wine per their ID.

Domestic beer will be $4.50 to $5 and wine will be $6 to $8.

The theater group and the city want to ensure this keeps the family atmosphere Carmike strives to provide.

“We’re just interested in all of our businesses being really successful, and if this is something that is going to help our movie theater be really successful, then we’re excited about it,” City Manager Charlie Duggan said. “When it comes down to it, I’m not real sure if we’re excited or not excited about them serving alcohol. We just want to make sure they are doing it appropriately, within the law and it stays a family atmosphere, and that people want to come to our theater.”


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