TRACKING MATTHEW: How it’ll impact the southeast

LOCAL FORECAST: Readings will remain into the upper 80s Wednesday and then level-off into the lower to mid-80s as more cloud cover builds across most of our eastern Georgia counties. These clouds Thursday and Friday are from high level moisture from Matthew’s energy. Winds will Gust at 15-25mph from the east through Sunday. More energy from the west will come from a cold front, with cooler readings Sunday through early next week. This front and deep low pressure system or trough will kick Matthew out into the Atlantic after it moves adjacent to the North Carolina coast, according to the current forecast track; subject to change.

TROPICAL FORECAST: At this time, Matthew’s track remains off shore Friday through Saturday afternoon between northeast Florida and off shore northeast South Carolina as a Category 2 Hurricane with sustained winds of 115-110mph. Probabilities still remain low for a landfall for the Georgia coastline but higher probabilities for tropical storm force winds. South Carolina and North Carolina coastlines are both at the same risk and a higher risk for Matthew making a brief landfall in the far eastern coast of North Carolina Saturday, with sustained winds close to 100mph.

noaa-track mid-atlantic1 0427c2bc64ab440abba6e0381b338923 image1



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