News 3 Exclusive: Reports of another cemetery being vandalized in Harris County

HARRIS COUNTY, Ga.- Only on 3, another cemetery in Harris County is apparently being vandalized.

The news comes after coverage of the Sardis Cemetery vandalism also in Harris County.

A News 3 viewer provided the images from the Hutchinson Cemetery.

Stacy Clontz provided the new vandalism tip to us.

Scotty Smith, the man who brought us the Sardis Cemetery story provided the pictures that you’re seeing.

One of the pictures shows apparent yellow paint on a headstone.

Another shows a beer can hanging on a tree with what appears to be bullet holes in the middle.

Harris County Sheriff Mike Jolley is providing comment.

He says quote, “Mrs. Clontz has not contacted this office about any “new” damage to the property.  I understand there are still deer cameras up and if that is the case– photos of the new damage are available.”

Clontz says a Mr. Clontz will be contacting the sheriff’s office if any future damage is found.

Jolley adds, anyone that has a report of the Hutchinson Cemetery vandalism should call the Sheriff’s Office to get in contact with a deputy about their complaint.

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