National Night Out brings together law enforcement and community in LaGrange

LAGRANGE, Ga. – Law enforcement agencies, the community, and businesses gathered in Lagrange Tuesday night for National Night Out.   

Shameka Jarrell lives in Lagrange with her family.  She says she’s happy to see the community and public safety getting along.

“Nice thing because there’s so much going on in the world.  We need this,” she said.

Sgt. Marshall McCoy with the LaGrange Police Department says National Night Out brings together different parts of the community.

“Together we go out into the community and we build those relationships upfront.  That’s where it’s important.  You can’t build relationships after the fact or at least it’s harder to do.  So, we’ve been working extremely hard to build all of our relationships on the front end,” he said.

He says National Night Out is a chance to talk about problems they might see in the community.

“In LaGrange, we have the problems that affects most communities.  Certainly we do have drugs that persist and we have a small amount of crime that persists, but working with our businesses and our public, that’s what we’re working to stomp out is those things,” Sgt. McCoy explained.

McCoy and the police department work closely with Sheriff James Woodruff and the Troup County Sheriff’s Office.

“I believe if we all come together we can fight problems a lot easier than do it one on one by ourselves so, that’s what we do everyday and it’s just another example of us working together to better our community to make it a safer place to live,” he said.

Sheriff Woodruff says a lot of times, the only time the community sees law enforcement is when there’s a problem.

“When they call us and they’ve got a problem they can’t fix and so we want them to see us in a different light, a positive light to let them know that we’re people just like them and we want them to know that they can approach us.  That we’re approachable,” Sheriff Woodruff said.

National Night Out provided games, law enforcement demonstrations, and conversation.


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