I-85 murder suspect appears in court, case bound over to grand jury

Larry Moore (Chambers County Jail)

CHAMBERS COUNTY, Ala. — A man accused of shooting a woman in the head while the two were in a car on Interstate 85 appeared in court Tuesday.

Court records show 21-year-old Larry Moore is charged with murder and two counts of shooting into an occupied vehicle.

Sergeant Shannon Rollins with the Chambers County Sheriff’s Office told the court about that morning.  Sergeant Rollins said Moore was in the car with victim 36-year-old Lorena Dawn Leasure and two other friends on July 25.

Larry Moore (Chambers County Jail)
Larry Moore (Chambers County Jail)

Sergeant Rollins said the passenger sitting next to Moore saw him with a gun, and told him to put it away. The Sgt. told the court that those who knew Moore said he did carry weapons.

As the car passed into the state, Sgt. Rollins said those in the car said there was a loud bang. Soon after, the vehicle pulled over and a struggle ensued. Sergeant Rollins said that Moore pointed the gun at the other passenger in the backseat.

The passenger in the front seat, Lorena Leasure sustained a gunshot to the head. Moore got out of the vehicle, and as it sped off down the interstate, Moore fired two shots into its window, shattering it.

As Moore was walking on the northbound side of 85, the driver of the car tried to swerve and hit Moore, but something happened to the car causing it to hit a guardrail, and then it was hit by an 18-wheeler, which tried to swerve out of the way.

Moore fled the scene and went into the woods where he then ran out and jumped onto an 18-wheeler. He then bailed off the rig, and went back into the woods where he stayed until daylight.

Sergeant Rollins said that Moore went to a truck stop in just his underwear and a dirty shirt. Moore was then given a new shirt, and given a ride by two men he did not know. The men dropped him off at the Valley Thrift Store where he bought a pair of shorts, which were too big for him.

Moore then wandered the neighborhoods in the area, and he eventually stopped and asked a woman for water, an outlet to charge his phone and directions. The woman called police, and Moore was arrested at the Valley Pharmacy.

His case was bound over to a Chambers County Grand Jury, and he is being held without bond at the Chambers County Jail.


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