Local parties weigh in on VP debate

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Senator Tim Kaine and Governor Mike Pence are gearing up for Tuesday night’s vice presidential debate.  Tuesday night’s debate will be the first and only VP debate between Democratic VP nominee Kaine and Republican VP nominee Pence.

Local members from both parties say they hope to see more substance in this debate compared to the first presidential debate.  Muscogee County Republican Party Chairman Rick Allen hopes the VP debate shows the difference between the two parties.

“Not as much personal innuendos and attacks, which were unfortunately a major part of the first one and we don’t really care for that.  We think we have plenty of issues that are very important and need to be talked about,” he said.

One of the issues Harris County Democratic Committee Chairman Tom Johnson expects to come up is healthcare.

“My guess is that Pence say change the laws that are on the books and Kaine will say let’s make them better and make it smooth out the bumps in the road,” Johnson said.

Johnson also hopes the environment comes up in Tuesday night’s debate.

“They’re have been an awful lot of pipeline or bursting pipelines, derailments and that sort of thing lately,” he said.

Allen says the Republican Party is worried about the economy.

“We think the democrats are for higher taxes and we’re worried about law and order in this country.  We don’t like social experimentation on every level and we’re worried about the economy,” Allen explained.

Allen and Johnson both think the VP debate could have some sort of impact on the election.

“I think a lot more substance and a lot more of the issues will come forward,” Allen said.

“I think a lot of the folks have already made their minds up, but I think it could impact some of the folks that haven’t decided yet,” Johnson said.

The VP debate will be held Tuesday night at Longwood University in Virginia.  It starts at 9 eastern.

The Muscogee County Democratic Party will hold a VP debate viewing party at their headquarters on Macon Road starting at 7:30 Tuesday night.  The Muscogee County Republican Party will also be holding a viewing party beginning at 8 p.m. at their headquarters on 13th Street.

The second presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will be Sunday, October 9th.




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