Dr. Bernice King speaks at local charity gala

COLUMBUS, Ga. — On Saturday the daughter of a historical leader in the African American civil rights movement was a key note speaker at a black tie charity gala.

Hundreds of people packed the ballroom for the black tie charity gala at the Columbus Convention and Trade Center for the 20th annual Equal Opportunity Day Dinner.

Mayor Teresa Tomlinson and State Representative Calvin Smyre were some of the leaders in attendance.

Bernice King, the daughter of Martin Luther King Jr. was the Keynote Speaker.

Quentin Corley, the Auction Event Coordinator said, “Having her here is a one of a kind experience and for her to continue her father’s legacy to make this world a better place and to unify us as a people as one is amazing.”

King spoke about the upcoming presidential election and how it’s important for everyone to vote.

“I want you to imagine this nation under the leadership of Hillary Clinton. Then on the flip i want you to imagine this nation under the leadership of Donald Trump,” said King.

She also touched on the reported killings of unarmed black men across the country and the protesting that has started because of it.

King said, “The lives that have been lost. There’s a revolution that is happening in our midst.”

The purpose of the event was to remind people that although African Americans have come a long way, we must work together to achieve the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The Urban League of Greater Columbus also celebrated its 45th anniversary.

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