Locals upset about cell tower close to their homes

PHENIX CITY, Ala .- A local man who’s lived in his home for decades, is very concerned about a cell tower near his home.

Back in April, Verizon came and removed trees, tampering with what used to be nice scenery.

They put a silk fence in place. Baker says, he didn’t even get a heads up about a new cell tower being installed.

Baker lives downhill on 43rd Avenue in Phenix City. He says  Verizon cut down the large amount of trees last year and it’s causing damage to the home.

He explains how the trees used to protect his house whenever it rained. “The trees work like a canopy. The leaves catch the water. The leaves helps the water absorb in to the ground. Well now all the trees are gone to help catch the water,” says Baker.

He says Verizon put a fence in place to catch the rain, but they haven’t been back to maintain it.

When he complained to Verizon about the rain water causing some of his home to shift, he was told that his area was chosen for the cell tower because it is quote, “worthless”.

Sheree Grimes is baker’s cousin. She lives uphill from him. The Verizon tower sits closer to her home.

She says there were a lot memories in that area that used to be an open space to have some fun.

“Pick flowers, blackberries, just play out here when you were kids… lots of memories and yes they have taken them away,” says Grimes.

Baker and Grimes are having to come out of pocket to pay for repairs.

They’re also having to come up with solutions to shift the rainwater that’s running in to or near their homes.

They do not want any money. they just want Verizon to take care of the upkeep.

They say, that would make them feel better about this situation.


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