Community shows support for local business destroyed in fire

COLUMBUS, Ga. — On Saturday the community came together for a fundraising event at The House of Ma’at after it destroyed in a fire last Wednesday.

Ruth Coleman, a Co-Owner says, “I see a disaster.”

Helen Prana, another Co-Owner says, “When I walk in it’s like a shock every time.”

The House of Ma’at is a holistic wellness ministry that caught fire on September 14.

News 3 spoke with several clients and they all say this was a major loss for the community.

Michael Yisreal says, “It’s sad for the community to me because it was a place where people could come get healing and cultural aspect on all different levels from spiritual to physical.”

Daniels says The House of Ma’at was once a place with love, but now it feels cold.

“Some of the people that came in this place were like this broken, hurt and needed a place to rest and that’s what I see. We just gave them a place to be who they were,” says Daniels.

Some members of the community say it’s important to support black owned business.

Jill Christensen says, “They’re supporting and element of the community that doesn’t get a lot of support and that is mostly black women.”

Antonio Carter says, “The only thing that’s going to help us is to shift the paradigm of black America is when we learn how to support our own. Other communities don’t struggle with that, but we have to finally learn how to come together.”

All four Owners say thank you to everyone in the community for showing their support.

House of Ma’at will soon be restored and the owners say it will be in the same location.

The estimated cost of damage to the building and the equipment is $100,000.

A fundraising effort has already started to help the center be rebuilt.

If you’d like to donate click here.


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