Columbus Police plea for the safe return of a PTSD dog

COLUMBUS, Ga – We continue to stay on top of the missing PTSD dog story. A BOLO and plea from the Columbus Police Department is the latest development.

They are strongly urging us all to keep our eyes peeled for the missing therapy dog by the the name of Whiz.

Major JD Hawk, with the Columbus Police Department, tells me they believe the dog may have been sold. Hawk says an innocent party may have unknowingly paid money for the stolen dog. If that is the case Hawk tells News 3 they likely won’t face penalties.

Hawk says the suspects in the crime are already being charged. He says the only goal is to reunite Whiz with his owner who suffers from PTSD.

“Then you can just go to the fact that a lot of us have animals and bonds are made with just ordinary animals..but when you have a situation where the dog is therapy it’s more important that he depends on that dog for therapy and that is why we are really appealing to the public,” says Hawk

Whiz is a brindle pitbull with a white chest. The owner tells News 3 that the dog is friendly and can be approached. The owner tells News 3 he is also offering a $2,000 reward for his safe return.

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