The Valley reacts to Charlotte protests


COLUMBUS Ga.- News 3 spoke with several people in the valley to get their opinions on protesting to see whether it’s affective or not.

DJ Remy said, “They don’t listen to us. You have to group up and say it in one group, so the bigger the group the bigger the voice.”

Megan Lavander said, “Police car are getting set om fire and they’re getting the cargo out of the eighteen wheelers and setting them on fire in the middle of the interstate, that causes more problems.”

“When people actually riot they listen, but they’re listening to the wrong things,” said Jerel Brown.

Doctor Florence Wakoko-Studstill, a Sociology Professor at Columbus State University, believes the African American community is letting out frustration that’s built up for hundreds of years.

“The history of people trying and working so hard just to make ends meet, but at the same time the history of oppression and how particularly with African Americans and other minorities,” said Studstill.

Studstill believes the protests are part of a cycle of events.

She also says protesting has been used for many years, as a way for the African American community to express themselves.

“The question is are the black men who are rioting, rioting because they belong to this particular group or they’re just rioting without a reason? That’s not true.”

Studstill knows it’s easy to get wrapped up in the heat of the moment and believes protestors should fight this battle in the courts and not on the streets.

Studstill said, “Use reasoning and say let’s change the laws of the land and let’s hold people accountable according to the law and follow through. This country is very good at that.”

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