Walk to end Alzheimer’s set for Friday


COLUMBUS, Ga. – Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia. More than five million Americans are living with the disease. On Friday, nearly 1,000 people are expected to hit the road in Uptown Columbus. They’ll be walking to end Alzheimer’s.

Columbus Police Detective Jane Edenfield will be one of them. She’s doing it in honor of her grandmother.

“I’ve seen the dementia, I’ve seen the families, I’ve comforted the families, but you don’t really get it until it happens to you when it’s your grandmother,” said Edenfield.

Her grandmother, Jane Inman Shirah, suffered a stroke a year ago. Doctors can’t seem to agree on whether she has vascular dementia, Alzheimer’s or if her brain damage is the result of two benign brain tumors. Whatever the diagnosis, it changed her.

“She went from walking and swimming and doing all the things she used to do to just doing them a little slower to some days she doesn’t even remember who I am when I go in the door.”

The Columbus Walk to End Alzheimer’s is Friday in Uptown Columbus. Registration is at 5 p.m.  The walk starts at 6. Walkers are gathering at the corner of Broadway and 11th Street.

Click here to learn more about the signs of Alzheimer’s http://alz.org/10-signs-symptoms-alzheimers-dementia.asp.


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