Time gap in offering aid after police shooting stirs concern

(File: CBS)
(File: CBS)

ATLANTA, Ga (AP) — Recent shootings by police raise a fundamental question: In the moments after officers shoot someone, how soon can medical aid be given?

Philando Castile, Eric Garner, and now Terence Crutcher. Each was a black man fatally shot by an officer, with the aftermath captured on video. And each time, the video leaves the impression of a wounded man left to die alone, with no sense of urgency to try to save him.

Law enforcement experts say it’s not a sign of callousness, but of trying to ensure the officers and others are safe before approaching someone who could be armed or remain a threat even after they’ve been shot.

Civil rights activists call it the ultimate indignity and one more example of indifference and quick-to-shoot attitudes of police toward minorities.

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