Pipeline burst still worrying some local drivers

COLUMBUS, Ga. – An Alabama company’s gas pipeline is restarted after a leak causing gas shortages in the Southeast.  A few drivers tell News 3 they have not noticed any problems filling up at gas stations since the Colonial Pipeline bust earlier this month, but some drivers say they are worried.

Driver Lamont Oliver says he went to a few gas stations Wednesday afternoon that were out of gas.

“I went to Circle K, they’re out of gas,” Oliver said.

Employees at the particular Circle K Oliver was referring to had no comment.  Oliver filled up his tank down the street as a precaution.

“I’m just gassing up before it’s all gone because I don’t really want to get out of gas,” he said.

David Bell says he has not been to a gas station in Columbus that is out of gas, but worries about rising gas prices.

“I just came from Manchester Expressway and at one particular gas station it was 3 dollars,” he explained.

Bell doesn’t want to risk his gas tank hitting empty.

“I’m just worried that I won’t have gas in the next couple of days so, I brought jugs and containers to make sure if anything happens I will be covered on my end,” he explained.

Oliver relies on gas for daily activities.

“We’ve got to work and everything,” he said.

Whatley Oil Co. was refilling gas at the Liberty gas station at 13 Street and Veterans Parkway Wednesday afternoon.  The fuel terminal operator says he expects the gas supply to be back to normal throughout the Southeast in about two weeks.


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