MCSD Transportation Director resigns day after being hired


COLUMBUS, Ga. – A day after being approved from the vacant position of Director of Transportation, John Lyles notified and confirmed by e-mail Wednesday, through the Muscogee County School District Division of Human Resources and David Goldberg, Chief Facilities and Operations Officer, that he officially declines the position and withdrew his application.

Lyles stated:

“I really appreciate the opportunity and support, but I am withdrawing my application for the Director of Transportation for the Muscogee County School System.  I commend the MCSD administration, but I cannot complete the onboarding process at this time.  At the BOE meeting on September 21, 2016, I must say that I have never experienced such a hostile environment directed towards administration in my professional career.  My focus is on improving student achievement and the community. Columbus is my hometown. But because of this experience, I have decided that MCSD is not a good fit for my expertise at this time.”

“It is regrettable that we would lose any talented applicants that could benefit our district and our students,” said Dr. David Lewis, Superintendent. “I will continue to recommend the best qualified candidate for any vacant position.”

The vacancy will remain open, and the department will continue to report directly to Mr. Goldberg.  A new search will commence immediately to find a new candidate for this position.

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