Local Space Science Center awarded $1.25 million from NASA


COLUMBUS, Ga. – The Coca Cola Space Science Center is receiving nationwide recognition after being selected to participate in a NASA program.

The Coca Cola Space Science Center is one of four partnerships awarded $1.25 million from NASA.

The grant will be used to teach high school students how to design and manufacture cars that could explore mars.

11 year old Darianna Brumidge already has her eyes set on being part of the program.

Brumidge said, “I’m really interested in science careers and I really want to work at NASA.”

Shawn Cruzen is the Executive Director of the Space Science Center.

He encourages children to pursue stem careers and this grant will help him do that.

“The projects designed to teach a future generation of students how to build both helicopters and land rovers that can operate on the surface of mars,” said Cruzen.

The grant is divided into four parts.

The Coca Cola Space Science Center will receive $150,000 for its program.

25 Muscogee County High School students will be selected to participate in the courses.

Not only does this build strong partnerships, but it can help shape the lives of our future leaders.

Cruzen said, “Scientists, explorers, engineers and technicians. We want to get them interested in these fields early and show them how much fun it can be to learn about those technologies and to explore outer space.”

The program is set to launch next summer.

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