Auburn Police and University know of no legitimate threat after reported clown sightings


AUBURN, Ala.- The Auburn Police Division and Auburn University said there is no legitimate threat to the campus community after people reported sightings of clowns on campus Monday.

The reported sightings were called in between 12 and 1 a.m. Monday. Police said there were no accusations of criminal activity or threatening behavior. Officers were dispatched out to the area, but they did not find anyone. They added that someone reported seeing something unusual and then posted about it on social media where it took off.


Police said they will continue to respond to reports of suspicious activity and they encourage anyone who sees suspicious activity to notify police. When News Three spoke with Auburn Police, they said simply wearing a mask does not constitute as a crime, but a problem occurs when the mask is used to facilitate a crime or cause hazardous situations.

Assistant Police Chief Will Mathews said, “We are committed to maintaining a safe and secure campus for our students and staff.”

“It’s weird because I feel like of all the things that we as students should be concerned about, now they are also adding clowns to campus as they say and so everyone is kind of freaking out about that,” Junior Tiensae Teshome said. “I don’t know if it’s true, but it does seem a little extreme.”

“It’s weird that it keeps popping up all across the state,” Junior JJ Jackson said. “I really don’t know what started this phenomenon, and quite frankly, I just think it’s kind of stupid. I don’t like that it is causing a threat and people feel threatened by the fact that clowns are around.”

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