Russell County Sheriff’s Office says wife to blame for husband’s murder

FORT MITCHELL- On Saturday afternoon investigators say 911 dispatch received a call from a neighbor after Lisa Brown ran next door from her home franticly saying that her husband, Daniel Brown was unresponsive and that he committed suicide.

Russell County Sheriff Heath Taylor says some of the evidence found at the scene proved otherwise.

The Russell County Sheriff's Office says Lisa Brown is responsible for her husband's murder (Courtesy: RCSO)
The Russell County Sheriff’s Office says Lisa Brown is responsible for her husband’s murder (Courtesy: RCSO)

“There were some things at the scene that were not in connection to a typical suicide. There was some evidence that we felt like this was not a suicide, but potentially a homicide,” said Taylor.

Taylor also says Lisa Brown was brought in for questioning Saturday night, “Prior to her being arrested Lisa gave a very detailed statement about what had occurred and her confession to the murder.”

Lieutenant Jarros Barr found out that the Browns were in the process of getting a divorce.

Barr says an argument may have started because Lisa wanted Daniel to move out of the house.

“I don’t think he wanted the divorce,” said Barr.

The Sheriff’s Office says Daniel Brown was shot in the head.

They wanted to clear up any other rumors that may have been floating around on social media.

Taylor said, “We have made decisions, made test and sent people for autopsies, did toxicology and in this case here we saw something that didn’t look right. We acted on that and investigated it to the fullest.”

We spoke with neighbors, none of whom wanted to interview on camera.

The Russell County Sheriff’s Office says an investigation is still underway. As of now no bail has been set for Lisa Brown and she is scheduled to go in front of a judge on Monday or Tuesday.

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