NAACP encourages citizens to invest in local banks

Columbus, Ga — Amid growing frustrations across the Unites States about police relations with the black community,  the NAACP wants to dip into people’s pockets to make their cries of injustice heard.

In Columbus, the NAACP urges the African American community to support black owned businesses.

Tonza Thomas, The President of the Columbus chapter of the NAACP, says supporting black business will strengthen the community.

“Black businesses strengthen our communities and with that we have black economic power, ” says Thomas. “If we’re supporting our communities and we’re out here banking with you, then we’re putting our money back where it belongs back in our communities and often times we’re left out of that process.”

Melinda Newton is the owner of Minnie’s Uptown Restaurant. She doesn’t understand why an organization would want to divide.

“Why should one care about the color of the hands of the person that prepared their food? I don’t understand why anyone would care about the color of someone’s skin because you never really know. I’m just the chicken lady here.”

Others like Brian Anderson, the President of the Columbus Chamber of Commerce, believe the focus should be on supporting local businesses because that has the biggest impact on the local economy.

“The more business that you can do local, that money tends to stay in the local economy a lot longer,” says Anderson. “You’re paying employees that are local and they’re going to turn and spend that money in the local economy as well.”

Meanwhile, Thomas believes the support of black owned businesses will decrease black on black crime in the area by giving black youth employment opportunities.

Do you agree with the NAACP’s call to support black-owned businesses over others as a form of protest? Head over to the News 3 Facebook page and join in on the discussion.

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