In the nick of time: bait and switch scam

A quick thinking postal employee helped uncover a counterfeit check scam involving a work at home job opportunity.

Kelly Worthman has worked for the postal service 28 years. She immediately knew something was not right. He said he was shipping the items for a new job he got online.

“I said sir, please do not mail these packages international, this is a scam. No, no, it’s not a scam – they gave me the money. I said the money is not there,” says Worthman. “He wanted to know how to package these iPads. I said where are you shipping them to and he had four of them… I said where are you shipping them to… international.”

Worthman immediately called a postal inspector and asked the man to wait a short time while they did a little research.

“We looked into the company and it’s completely bogus,” says US Postal Inspector Ivan Ramirez.

So, they called the customer who admits he was initially still planning to send the ipads despite the first warning.

The scam is a simple bait and switch. A company asks you to buy and send electronics quickly – and then deposit their check into your account. By the time the bank realizes the check is bad, victims have sent the purchased items and the money is gone.

Inspectors say the reshipping jobs… or mystery shopper scams are growing in popularity. The best way to protect yourself is to research the company.

Also, postal inspectors say if you receive a postal order and question whether or not it is authentic, you can take it to a post office for verification.

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