No credible threat from clown pranks, LaGrange police say

(Stock: CBS News)

LAGRANGE, Ga — Police tell the public there are no credible sightings of “creepy clowns” threatening children in the LaGrange area.

Lieutenant Dale Strickland says the panic has come from one place – Facebook.

“This all started on Facebook and people are getting worked up but there is no evidence,” Strickland says.

He says reports started coming in earlier this week when a person made a Facebook page for a “creepy clown.” The page threatened to drive up to a local school in a white van and abduct children.

Strickland says since then more pages have been made, but police have not found any evidence of danger.

“It’s ridiculous, if you take a moment to really think about the allegations, there is no way a group of clowns in a van would be able to commit a crime like this,” he says.

“What these people want is attention and now they’ve gotten it.”

Strickland says as soon as the police began their investigations, the clown pages were suspended. However, in hours more popped up.

“It is not a crime to dress as a clown, it is not a crime to drive around in a van, but when you threaten a person or a school, that’s when we start looking at charges.”

Strickland says the department is working on finding the people responsible for setting up the Facebook pages.

He says the page makers threatening local schools may face criminal charges. He adds anyone responsible for making a false report about seeing the clowns will also face charges.

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