More reports of local clown sightings

COLUMBUS, Ga. – By now, most people have probably heard about the reports of clown sightings across the country and in LaGrange just this week.  Now, we know of at least one alleged sighting in Columbus Wednesday at Biggers Road and River Road.

Police tell News 3 they were not able to confirm the sighting and did not find any witnesses when they were checking the scene.  Parent Salisia Brown has heard the reports of clown sightings across the country and now in our area.

“It concerns me because I do have a child, but at the same time I feel like it doesn’t concern me.  I feel like Columbus Police Department do a good job as far as that when it comes to kids,” she said.

The Columbus call comes days after LaGrange police say a concerned citizen told them about a Facebook post concerning a clown and threat.

“It appears that they are looking for attention.  They’re looking to make the people in the community uneasy,” said Lt. Dale Strickland with the LaGrange Police Department.

He says there is no credible threat from that post. and prank calls and false reports are subject to criminal charges.

“We have received calls of service from individuals in the community.  Those calls of service of sightings of clowns appear to be prank calls.  We have not located anyone,” he said.

Police want to remind folks that a false report of a crime is a misdemeanor.  If an individual makes a threat of violence, that could lead to a charge of terroristic threats, which is a felony.


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