CBS Sports icon Jim Nantz shares stories, advice with local students

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Jim Nantz has been the voice of many of the most iconic sports television moments over the last 30 years. On Monday, he took time out of his schedule to speak with hundreds of local Columbus State University and area high school students about his passions, experiences and offer motivation to those who pursue the same goal he has personally achieved.

Nantz opened his hour-long presentation by offering a few self-deprecating jokes about a lengthy video montage that displayed some of his most historical and memorable moments as the lead play-by-play announcer for CBS Sports.

He was in town to speak at the Jim Parson’s Leadership Forum, but made time in his schedule, and honored a commitment he made 10 months ago to WRBL General Manager David Hart, to speak with the students at the CSU communications orientation program.

Nantz continued his presentation by detailing his journey to the top of the CBS Sports’ broadcasting ranks, a self-described obsession since he was a little boy.  He also described his pride at the fact his daughter has taken an entry-level position with a California-based production company, and how she has fully embraced his advice to perform the often mundane, (think fetching lunch orders) tasks to the best of her abilities. “Be the best lunch order-taker they have ever seen,” said Nance with a prideful smile.

He continued with his passion for finding a cure and better treatment for those who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. It is a cause that hits close to home for Nance. ALS took his late father’s life in 2008, after a 13 year battle with the memory-debilitating disease. Nantz has established the Nantz National Alzheimer Center at Houston Methodist. You can find more information about his center here.

Nantz then fielded as many questions from the crowd as he could, even asking for extra time to engage with the students, before he was shuffled off to his next speaking engagement at the Parson’s Leadership Forum (where he would be joined by Super Bowl champion Peyton Manning.)

Nantz also spent some time with the WRBL sports department, discussing topics ranging from his favorite Masters moments, to the rapidly changing sports media landscape, prior to his speaking engagements.

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