Wobbly high school football sideline makes headlines

(CBS Sports) — High school football has started in pretty much every state, so it’s about time crazy things like this began rolling in.

Troy Bowe, a coach at Liberty High School in South Carolina, showed up with his team for a junior varsity football game on Thursday night at Pickens High School only to find that the sideline was, well … just a little bit off.

Bowe probably thought he had suffered a sudden and extreme case of vertigo, but the photo confirms that the sideline was indeed as wonky as it appeared.

The photo was quickly passed around the web and picked up by several outlets including Greenville Online, which reached out to the Pickens County School District for comment.

Here’s what spokesperson John Eby had to say:

“The athletic departments at Pickens High School and Liberty High School have discussed their concerns about the sideline at the junior varsity game at Pickens on Thursday night. The varsity game between both schools will go on as scheduled tonight at Liberty High School.”

Nobody is quite sure who painted the crooked sideline, but generally the host team is responsible for field maintenance.

Needless to say, whichever artist put his interpretation on this sideline probably won’t get the chance to do it again.

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