Olive Garden offers special thank you to first responders and medical personnel

COLUMBUS, Ga- While many people have spent this Labor Day enjoying some well-deserved time off, emergency workers never take a holiday. One Columbus restaurant is recognizing their sacrifice. We depend on them in our worst times, and they’re always there. So often, we don’t have the chance to say thank you. But today, that’s exactly what the Olive Garden is doing.

Keep in mind, today was a work day as usual for the Olive Garden crew. However, in between serving the Labor Day customer crowd, workers there prepared and packed food for some of our area’s first responders and medical workers.  And if that wasn’t generous enough – -Olive Garden also delivered the meals.

“We’re sending out food to the first responders. It’s really important that Olive Garden is doing this. We’ve been doing it for the last fifteen years. We just want them to know how we appreciate the things that they do for us,” says Kristin Senter, Olive Garden General Manager.

“This year we decided to go with the St. Francis Hospital. Of course, the EMTs, most of the doctors and nurses who work there don’t get enough attention. Usually, we bring them some bad things, but today, we are going to bring them some good things and maybe put a smile on their face for the day of Labor Day,” says Mark Lazzinby, Olive Garden Production Manager.

The Columbus Olive Garden location is among 800-others across the nation preparing and delivering food to first responders and medical workers on this Labor Day holiday.

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