Old Seale Russell County Courthouse now receives face “lift”

SEALE, Ala.- The Old Seale Russell County Courthouse was built in 1868, but never had an elevator. That all changed on Monday.

After almost 20 years of fundraising, the ribbon was cut to the building’s elevator.

Months ago, the $100,000 project began, and Monday the first rides on the new elevator were given.


Gary Head is the President of the Seale Courthouse Committee. He says many people rent out the courthouse for weddings, class reunions and other functions. He said many were not able to use the building due to the lack of elevator. Head said this new elevator opens up new doors and is another sign the building will be here for the future.

“I’m a part of several different organizations, and one organization, we used to have an annual meeting here,” Head said. “We had to stop because some of the older folks couldn’t get up these stairs. Now, we may bring that event back here. It opens up so many doors. The future looks pretty bright for this old building.”

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