Cougar Radio Station continues to grow

COLUMBUS, Ga. –  Columbus State University is kicking off the second year of its Cougar Radio Station.  CSU student Oso Holley started volunteering with Cougar Radio WCUG in October of 2015.

She launched the hip-hop genre for the radio station.

“I first started working in radio my senior year of high school when I had to complete a senior project at Columbus High School and I got to work with PMB Broadcasting so, it was a very surreal experience to finally be able to put it to the test when I got here,” Holley said.

Cougar Radio started airing last summer, but officially launched this past fall.  Faculty advisor Scott Snellnow-Richmond says everything the station needs has been created within the past year.

“In the past year, we’ve launched seven different genres of music.  I believe now its seven or eight talk programming shows on the radio station.  We’ve trained all of our student staff.  We created bylaws.  We created protocol,” he said.

He says there are about 12 students involved with the radio station.  Four are paid staff members and the rest are volunteers.

“Our volunteers and their participation has grown, too, as well as our social media on Facebook, twitter and snapchat we’re happy to say have all been growing as well,” he explained.

Snellnow-Richmond says they are able to use the radio station as a space to create unique content.

“It’s also serving as vocational training for students to ideally be able to take these skills that they’re learning at WCUG and the fact that our equipment is and our software is industry standard be able to translate it perfectly into a corporate environment if that’s their goal,” he said.

Holley wants to continue the radio path after college.

“It’s very fun.  Very relaxing to learn about things everyday even if I feel like I know a lot and I also get to have a beautiful experience with learning with other people,” she said.

Cougar Radio 88.5 FM has programming 24 hours a day.

If you’re thinking of volunteering with the radio station, there is an interest meeting for CSU students on September 7th.  The meeting is from 4:30 until 5:15 p.m. in the Carpenters Building in room 117.


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