City of Auburn offers free Labor Day parking

AUBURN, Ala.- Parking meters and pay stations were not needed Labor Day as parking in Downtown Auburn was free.

The city did this as an effort to allow individuals to take advantage of the downtown shops, restaurants and scenery.

The Code of Ordinances for the City of Auburn outlines certain holidays where parking will be free.

Those holidays are as follows: first day of January, Martin Luther King Day, Graduation Day of each semester at Auburn through the day prior to the first day of classes the following semester, spring break at Auburn, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Sales tax holidays, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Break for Auburn University and Christmas Day.


David Thorne, an Auburn University student said the free parking makes downtown even more attractive, and is one less thing to worry about when heading downtown.

“It’s something you don’t have worry about, searching through the car looking for a quarter or having to worry about finding a parking spot because sometimes, that’s a problem too, actually finding a parking spot,” Thorne said.

Jennifer Cooper is the owner of Gigi’s Cupcakes in downtown. She said this was the first Labor Day her store was open. Cooper said if individuals want the hours and you can cover labor and costs, then opening is worth it.

Cooper hoped the free parking would allow those who may be hesitant to go downtown, to enjoy all it has to offer.

“Anything we can do to draw business and to get people down here, we’re going to be supportive of,” Cooper said. “Anything that is going to increase our foot traffic we’re going to be behind and enjoy.”

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